On May 29th, 2010, the Congregation of the Good Samaritan held its first annual General Chapter at Lafayette, Louisiana.


The Chapter activities began with a Solemn High Sung Mass at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Lafayette.  The celebrant was The Rev. Fr. John Benedict, CGS, Governor General of the Congregation with The Rt. Rev. D. Presley Hutchens, Bishop Visitor for the Congregation and Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of New Orleans, preaching.  The Ven. Rev. Donald Rice, Chaplain to the Congregation and member of the Board of Directors, read the Epistle and the Rev. Dcn. James Odom, of Holy Trinity, read the Gospel.  Bro. John of the Cross, FODC served the Mass.




Thomas Jackson Williams, III made his Final Oblation, being received by Bishop Hutchens, and was given the name in religion as Brother John Gregory, O/CGS.  Brother John of the Cross was also formally received as a member of the Congregation by Fr. John Benedict, by the giving of a profession ring signifying his life vows in the Congregation.  This was done under the Congregationís ďumbrellaĒ provision for those who are members of a Religious Order without communities.





Following the Mass, the Congregation gathered at the Holiday Inn, Lafayette, for the Chapter meeting and banquet.


Bishop Hutchens opened the meeting with prayer followed by Fr. John Benedict, who gave the address.


In his address, Fr. John Benedict reviewed the Congregationís history leading up to the Erection of the Congregation on Trinity Sunday, 2009.  Looking to the past, he renewed the Congregationís commitment to serve ďall those who, in this transitory life, are in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness or any other adversity.


With an eye to the future, he spoke of the Congregationís desire to provide education to the whole church, particularly to the education of clergy, while maintaining the ministry to the dying and friendless in hospice and long term nursing programs.


In addition, he spoke of the Congregationís acquisition of property in  the Big Thicket of Southeast Texas, suitable for a permanent home for the Congregation as well as a retreat center and educational center.  The property, about 1.5 acres,  is isolated, quiet and serene, with a creek running through it and a nice distance from nearby neighbors.  It is in some minor disrepair, mostly from being unoccupied for a number of years.  The property previously served as a small retreat center. The Congregation is seeking donations for repairs, cleaning the property and grounds, and the expenses of moving of about $5000.00.  Donations can be sent to the Congregation of the Good Samaritan, PO Box 90322, Lafayette, La, 70509, or by PayPal to srannecgs@gmail.com.


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