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July 5, 2010


Dear Friends:


The Congregation of the Good Samaritan was chartered in the Diocese of New Orleans and the Anglican Catholic Church on Trinity Sunday, 2009.  This was the culmination of six years of planning and hard work.  The Congregation has been designed to provide spiritual support for the many Religious within the church who find themselves without the benefit of a local community.


The Rule of the Congregation of the Good Samaritan combines the best of the Benedictine, Augustinian and Franciscan Rules and can accommodate other Religious into our community life.  This concept has been approved and encouraged by the College of Bishops, and may be the answer to the needs of Religious scattered about the ACC.


Brother John of the Cross, FODC, recently associated himself with the Congregation and has moved into the house here in Lafayette and is enjoying his life with the Congregation. 


We have been in a period of discernment regarding our location. We have located a house on some land near Rye in the Big Thicket area of Southeastern Texas.  Plans for reconfiguration of the structure to meet the needs of the Congregation are currently underway. The location provides a perfect area from which to continue our hospice ministry and nursing home ministry in three nearby cities.   The surrounding environment encourages reflection, meditation, and formation of the religious spirit which will bring a much needed dimension to the new area of service the bishop has called us to.  He has asked us to oversee and direct the educational process of lay and clergy alike in the Diocese of New Orleans, to incorporate our spiritual and religious life into the educational processes. It is his hope that our ministry will extend well beyond the boundaries of the Diocese of New Orleans.


You are being invited to join us on this journey. Your prayers are the foundation of our work.  Your gifts, financial and physical will benefit those we serve and allow us to fulfill the ministry God has given us in the best possible way and the shortest amount of time. You can join with those who have already begun to support this ministry.


It is Bishop Hutchens’ firm belief that the Vocation of Religious Orders are very important to the spiritual life of the Church.  Speak with Our Lord to seek whatever he is calling you to do.


Our goal is to relocate to the property the first of August. 


In Christ,


Sister Anne, CGS, Governess

Father John Benedict, CGS, Governor General



Dear family and friends,

We went to Rye to look at the property yesterday with an eye about scheduling work and the move, etc.  Maybe I was just tired, but I will admit the process looks more overwhelming than I remembered.  The electrician did come out and looked at the house, but reported that almost all of the inside electrical wiring had been stolen--hmmmm--so he will have to totally rewire the house (a great friend has kindly agreed to finance this project for now to the tune of about $5000).  The work will take a week or so. 

We found a young man who lives just a few acres away who removes trees for a living, so he will be glad to remove the tree that fell on the electrical box during the hurricane.  (He will do it for $400, and maybe remove some of the brush and shrubs that have overgrown the driveway and the path up to the house.  He has the equipment to do that.)  

Next, the owners have to decide what of the furniture that is in the house they want to keep.  About all I would keep for us, if they don't want it, is the dining room table and eight chairs and a very nice, large hutch.  A few bookcases might fit, but nothing else much would work for us.  Once they get the stuff out that they want, then we need to get a drop-off container brought in and just start throwing out.  

The ceiling in the house is that fiber, sound proofing, hanging stuff, that simply doesn't hold up in this humid climate.  So, we will need to replace that, and take up the old and dirty carpet.  All that is under the carpet is the sub-flooring, so we plan to put some sort of wood looking flooring down and skip carpeting.  We measured all the windows (lots of them--all of which needed washing--a major one or two day project) and are ordering fabric to make curtains for the living room, dining room and kitchen.  That is going to be my project for the next couple of weeks.  (We don't plan to go back until the electricity is on and the water can be turned on.  Too hot and no facilities.)

We have to do something with the kitchen so that the fridge and stove we have will fit.  Right now it has a very small kitchen and a breakfast nook on one end that takes up about 1/3 or more of the total kitchen space.  Skip the breakfast nook and eat at the dining room table or out on the porch--that would be nice most of the year.  Then we will have room to build in a bunch of cabinets, so we will have room for our "Kitchen Stuff and Things."  We want to get a small freezer as soon as we can afford it so that we can shop at Sam's or Costco in Houston or Beaumont once a month, and then just use the local grocery stores for such things a fresh vegetables and fruits, bread, milk, etc.

Everything needs either scrubbing, throwing away, or painting.  Maybe some wallpaper in the living room.  We at least have to get rid of the old wall paper that is on two walls.

So far, with a $500 check that has been promised, we have $3,054.00 toward the move and the initial expenses.  Not everything has to be done right away.  Throwing away and scrubbing, plus the ceiling, will pretty much take care of the "first things that have to be done."  After that, we can take it as it comes.  

When will we move?  Well, we are still hoping for the first of August, but time will tell.  There is a lot to do before we can actually start living there, and there is more money to raise.  We have sent letters to all the parishes in the Diocese and those haven't had time for a response yet.  Next, I plan to send a similar letter to other people in the Church, outside our Diocese, who might be interested.  Brother John of the Cross is working hard on his family and friends in Denver, and has had some very positive responses.  Several of our Oblates have sent donations, so that is a great help.  But our biggest supporters are our families, and we truly appreciate that.  

We took some pictures yesterday, and as soon as Father John Benedict has time, we will send some of them to you.  By the way, Debi and her family have offered to come for a few days in August before school starts again to see what we have and lend a hand.  They will have to pretty much camp out in the living room, but we will be very glad to have the help.  Hopefully, we will be a bit moved in by then--if not, well, we will have to see.  If anyone else would like to visit anytime after the middle of August, we would be thrilled to have some help.  And, we can offer you a cot to sleep on and great food!  We are good cooks.  Let us know when you can come and we will meet you at the Rye Post Office and guide you in.  We are still leaving breadcrumbs along the way to find it, but we will get the hang of it soon.  Turn right, left, right. left, left, right, hang a U, right, left, left, don't hit the dogs,  and there you are.  It is lots of fun~!   all dirt--but mostly recently oiled--roads.

Well, there you are--the most recent update.  We will keep you posted as time goes on.  We are going to move to Rye.  The question right now is mostly "When?"

Love to you all

Sister Anne, CGS

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